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Babysitting for companies

Providing babysitting services within companies is like giving an extra treat to your employees' life quality. We believe this is an investment in the future, creating the perfect conditions to ease workers' both professional and personal life.

Advantages of Babysitting for Companies


Stress Reduction Spell

Dispelling worries and breaking the stress spell by tackling real-world issues, such as picking up the little ones from school, even during unconventional hours.


Talent Retention Magic

By providing this service, with the full support of our super babysitters, you are offering benefits that simplify the lives of your employees, appreciating those who care for them.


Potion of Happiness and Productivity

Our babysitting services are a special potion to boost employees' joy and satisfaction. This positive spell will have a magical impact on their families, and ultimately, on their work.

And why Baby Sisters?


We have the most qualified babysitters, true fairies of childcare.


Our services are flexible, tailored to the needs of children, families, and businesses, for as long as necessary.


We provide playful and educational care, where each moment is an opportunity for fun and learning.

How can this super partnership happen?

Hourly Babysitting Service

Your company purchases a package of hourly babysitting, and voilà, our corporate babysitting magic is ready to be offered to your employees.

Extracurricular Spaces

If you have available space at the company's building, Baby Sisters can transform it into a true paradise of fun for all children. Our babysitters take care of everything, so your company doesn't have to worry - we create an educational plan, diverse and adapted to different ages, and can manage the club activities.

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Babysitting services for companies

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