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Babysitting on Holidays

The school holidays are here and you don't know what to do to entertain the little ones? Do you want to go on holiday feeling relaxed and take a babysitter with you? Talk to us and we guarantee childcare so that your family vacation is truly relaxing and fun.

Baby Sisters' Holidays Solutions (Summer, Christmas and Easter)

  1. For school holidays: we have weekly activities plans to entertain kids and avoid them staying at home watching TV the whole time

  2. Intern babysitters to go with your family on holiday: for dream holidays that can be real ones.

School Holidays: weeks full of entertaining activities

At Baby Sisters we have weekly plans full of activities to get the kids entertained while they are on their school holidays, which we can agree are rather long, right?

Some of the activities can include: picnics at the park, going to the beach, visits to museums, ride a tram, cooking classes, visits to butterfly gardens, and much more.

For more information, please reach out to us via our Web App.

Vacation Babysitter: A Dream Holiday for the Whole Family

Did you know that at Baby Sisters we have babysitters available to join your family on vacation?

Our babysitters can entertain the children during the trip, help with baths, and take care of them at the beach. Your dream holiday can become a reality!

1 week with overnight stay


1 week (40h), no overnight stay


VAT of 6% for individuals and 23% for companies is applied to prices.

Prices applicable in Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. For other areas of the country, please fill out the form below.

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