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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to some of the frequently asked questions regarding our babysitting services.

However, if your questions remain, do not hesitate to contact us by email at info@babysisters.pt.


What is the difference between a nanny and a babysitting service?

Nanny services are like having a fairy godmother in the children's kingdom. A true extension of the family, taking care of the little ones full time and even living with the family, if the parents need it. These services are therefore full-time and/or live-in.

Babysitters are like a magic spell for those special occasions! Shout “Baby Sisters, we need help!” and puff! We show up for hours of fun, leaving the parents with light hearts to enjoy well-deserved rest!

Whether you're looking for a nanny or a babysitter, we'll always make the magic happen.


Where are the nannies available?

Our super fairies are ready to roll in Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and Madeira. If necessary, we also work our magic in other parts of the country.


What's the minimum time for a babysitting service?

We don't have strict minimum time rules! Whether you need a few hours for a romantic dinner or a full day of rest, we will be here, always ready to help parents!


Can the nanny take overnight care, while we have a dinner? And can they go on vacation with us?

We are always looking for the perfect solution, so first, we check if the babysitter you already know is available for the specified special requests. But if that's not possible, we choose another babysitter to ensure that everything goes smoothly! Mission 'Happy parents - entertained little ones' accomplished!


How many children can a nanny take care of?

Our arms and hearts are more elastic than a party balloon, but the maximum we can entertain is three fearless little pirates, depending on their ages. If they are tiny juggling diaper-wearers, under 3 years old, our nannies stretches her heart to take care of two children, ensuring that everyone gets the attention they deserve.


What types of activities do nannies do with children?

With our Baby Sisters, imagination is the limit! Our play-based educational activities aim to promote the entertainment, development, and creativity of children. From space reconnaissance missions exploring the universe (because anyone with imagination has a rocket) to the quest for knowledge with the support of Professor Wise Owl, we've got all the bases covered


How is the monitoring of my children done during the babysitting/nanny period?

Technology is part of our toolkit! Our supernannies take care of the children and work magic with smartphones. Throughout the service, they can share photos and information via WhatsApp, ensuring parents have peace of mind. And if homesickness kicks in, we can even do live broadcasts so you can see the adventures of your lively little ones!


Do I have direct contact with the person who will be babysitting/nannying for my child?

Absolutely! Communication is the key to a trusting relationship in the enchanted land of Baby Sisters. We always share the babysitter's contact information with parents, so they can chat, ask questions, and even warn about the children's antics (you know what we're talking about ;)). After all, kids don't take a break from being mischievous, and that's also why we love them so much.

We're always ready to ensure that parents can rest easy, knowing that their little ones are in good hands.


What's the process to request a babysitting / nanny service?

Our process follows the following steps: 1) We analyze a team of superheroes available for the service. 2) We do a short interview to see if they have the superpowers needed for each mission. 3) We interviewed the nannies to ensure alignment between superpowers and the mission in question. 4) We select two nannies, of which the parents choose one. 5) The chosen nanny starts working on the given date, ready for her special mission.


How does the recruitment and selection process work?

Our process is simple, but very demanding because we want nannies with the right skills for each mission!

First, we carry out a kind of investigation within our team to identify who is available for the mission, taking into account the times, days needed, location, and ages of the children. Afterward, we have a meeting with our babysitters, where we align their superpowers with the needs of the mission. It's like choosing the perfect hero for a great adventure. In the end, we selected two incredible babysitters, the most suitable for the mission requested by the parents.


How far in advance do I have to book a service?

If it's something you can plan in advance, like Cinderella getting ready for the ball, we recommend booking 2 to 5 days in advance. But if it's an emergency, like Batman saving Gotham, we're ready to act with just 24 hours' notice. We already have the flying cape in place. Where are you?


Can I hire the nanny directly?

We would love to say 'yes' immediately, but we have a magical rule to prioritize safety first! At Baby Sisters, we specialize in recruiting and training babysitters with special superpowers. Additionally, we have Liability Insurance that acts like a magical shield to ensure automatic replacement of the babysitter if needed.

As for our rule, it's for the good of everyone! It's all in a big rule book that even the Tooth Fairy would approve of. Unfortunately, our babysitter team is contractually prohibited from providing services to clients outside of Baby Sisters. But we're here to make your lives more magical and always safe.


How is the budget done?

Crafting budgets is much simpler than calculating the orbits of planets in outer space! Let's see, initially, we provide an estimate based on the information provided to us, but the real magic happens in the email we send after confirming the service needs. This can be an amount equal to the estimated budget, lower, or a little higher, depending on the location, number of days, and hours requested. And don't worry, we have the help of the Count of Counting, who is known for being good with numbers.


Are the travel expenses for the babysitter or nanny included?

Within a radius of 10km from the city centers, such as Lisbon, Porto, Albufeira, Alcácer do Sal, and Funchal, transportation is already included in the package. However, if your adventure takes us beyond these regions, additional transportation services will be charged separately (until they invent teleportation, of course!)

No matter the destination, we are always ready to explore new horizons together!


How long does it take to respond to budget requests?

We are faster than a rabbit in a turtle race when it comes to responding to budget requests! We usually reply to all email inquiries within just 1 hour.


How is the payment for services made?

At the beginning of the month following the service, Baby Sisters sends the agreed schedule, and upon confirmation, the budget is sent for payment related to that month. It's important to note that no payment is made directly to the babysitter; we handle this process. This way, everyone can enjoy a smooth and hassle-free experience!


What happens if I don't adapt to the chosen nanny?

Sometimes, the perfect fit takes a little time, like trying to match a magical puzzle. But don't worry! If you feel that the nanny and your family's routines don't align like cozy pajamas and slippers, just let us know!

Simply inform us of your preference, and we'll use our magic to find a new nanny who fits like a glove. After all, the important thing is that everyone has fun and feels happy!


What is the cancellation policy?

If you wish to cancel the service with less than 24 hours notice from the service start date, you are subject to a cancellation fee of 100% of the service value. If the cancellation is between 24 hours and 7 days in advance of the service start date, you are subject to a cancellation fee of 30% of the service value.

However, we wouldn't want that to happen because we love the little ones and are always excited to share special moments with them, like solving the mystery of the lost cookies or traveling to the planet of lollipops. The kids' schedule is packed, and there's no time to waste!


What happens if there is an unforeseen event on the babysitter's part?

We always have a plan B to ensure babysitting in last-minute situations.


Can I always have the same nanny?

This is a detail we always take into consideration. For occasional services, if the nanny is not available, we inform you, and upon your consent, we send a new profile. For regular part-time and full-time services, we always select the same nanny for the desired period. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, we always send a new profile for your approval.

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