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Masters in the art of entertaining and educating

We know that finding "THE" nanny is very important for families, so our mission is something very simple - having the best nannies with us. And how do we do this?

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We have a team of 550 nannies

Our babysitting team has 550 nannies, ready to roll in Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and Madeira. If necessary, we can also work our magic in other parts of the country.

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Our babysitters don't just "take care of children". They go further, including a robust pedagogical and didactic component, carrying out various activities, from games to music.

Playful-pedagogical activities are important!

In a world where technology is everywhere, we cannot forget the value of pedagogical activities in early childhood education!

The introduction of these playful-pedagogical activities helps to develop cognitive and motor skills, such as attention, imitation, memory, creativity, language and mathematics.

How does the Nanny selection process work?

We put our magic wands into action and check the available nannies.
We conduct brief interviews with the available nannies to ensure they have the right superpowers for the mission
We select the nannies based on the interview, to present the options to the parents, so they can decide which one will shine brighter in the hearts of their little ones.
The babysitting or the animation service initiates, and so does the peace of mind for parents.

+ 2,700 parentsIconIconIcon praise our babysitters

We love receiving compliments. Our babysitters win the hearts of little ones and the trust of adults.