Full-Time Babysitting/Nanny

Do you have a baby and are not ready to drop him off at daycare? Do you feel that the time is not right, and they often get sick when they go? Or are you telecommuting and can’t concentrate with your kids running around? Or do you have to work on weekends?

With full-time babysitting/live-in nanny, we do our best to find the best match between families and babysitters, because we know how important that is. We also try to guarantee, whenever possible, that the same babysitter is doing the job, one who is used to the family’s dynamics and develops a bond with the children.

You can rest assured – we only work with trusted and trained babysitters, they all undergo a rigorous selection process, and you are the ones making the final decision. 

You can expect only pro active babysitters with a high degree of adaptability (able to adapt activities to the children’s ages).

What is a Full-Time Babysitting:Nanny service?​

What is a Full-Time Babysitting/Nanny service?

Full-time babysitting service is considered for services > 8 hours a day for a minimum of 5 days in a week.

A live in-house babysitting/nanny service is considered > 10 hours a day, for a minimum of 5 days a week.

Full-time babysitting/nanny tasks may include:

– Meal preparation and hygiene;

– Put the children to bed and establish sleep routines;

– Outings or social events;

– Playful pedagogical activities;

– Taking and picking up from school;

– Organization of the children’s time, the playroom, or the clothes;

– Monitoring the child’s development;

– School monitoring at home and help with homework.

Prices and conditions

Babysitting/Nanny Full-Time Plans (Weekly)

Live-in Nanny Plans (Weekly)

VAT is applied to the prices at the legal rate in force. Prices are applicable in Lisbon, Porto, and Madeira.

For other parts of the country, prices may be different, for more information, contact us via email filling in the form below.

The prices for babysitting services in hotels vary according to the geographic area and type of service. Fill out the form to find out more.

Full time babysitting prices

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    What you can expect from Baby Sisters

    What can you expect from Baby Sisters?

    The peace and rest you need!

    Anyone who hires full-time babysitting services knows that they need help, and with Baby Sisters, you can count on us, always, at any time.

    We do our best to make the best match between the babysitter and your family so that the introduction to the family dynamics is as natural as possible.

    We also guarantee that if you are not satisfied, for any reason, with the babysitter, we will be as quick as possible to look for solutions and propose alternatives.

    You can count on certified and trained babysitters, with 1st aid courses, and the passion and dedication it takes to deal with children, as if they were their own brothers and sisters.