Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answer to some of the frequently asked questions regarding our babysitting services. 

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Frequently asked questions babysitting
What is the difference between babysititng and nanny?

Nanny services are usually in-house whereas Babysitting services are usually shorter and/or more sporadic. Either way, depending on the number of days, hours, and specifications, we will always select a child caregiver (babysitter or nanny) taking your family’s specific needs into account.

Where are you available?

We have a local team in Lisbon, Cascais, Cascais, Porto, Comporta, Grândola, Algarve, and Madeira, however, we can guarantee services on all other areas of Portugal, 

What is the minimum time to request for a babysitter?

There are no minimum time limitations. You can request a babysitter for whatever time you may need.

Can the babysitter stay at night, while we go out for dinner? And could she go on vacation with us?

We always have to check the babysitter’s availability for specific requests. If the babysitter you already know is available, this will always be the first preference. If she is not available, we will select another babysitter upon your agreement. But all of these are valid options.

How many children can a babysitter take care off?

It depends on the age, but never more than 3 at once. If there are smaller kids, less than 3 years old, the babysitter can only take care of 2. 

What type of activities do the babysitters do with the kids?

During the service and depending on the age of the children, our babysitters will always try to develop with them recreational-pedagogical activities. For some services, they could even take with them appropriate games or materials needed.  

How can I monitor my children during the babysitting/nanny period?

During the babysitting service, parents can follow up through WhatsApp, and ask the babysitter to share photographs.

Do I have direct contact with the person who will babysit/nanny my child?

For sure. We always share the babysitter’s contact details before any service, for any needed contact.

What is the process for requesting a babysitting/nanny service?

You send us an email with the request. We then first analyze the team, to see who is available for the requested service.

Next, we do a short interview with the babysitters to analyze the specifications of the request and assess their skills.

Finally, we select 2 babysitters that we present to the parents, who then decide. The babysitter will then start on the agreed day. 

How does the recruitment and selection process work?

After analyzing your request, taking into account the requested date, time, location, and ages of the children, we launch the request in our babysitter’s database.

After knowing potential babysitters available,  we do a short interview with the selected ones mentioning the specifics of the request and later we send you some profiles.

Depending on whether you want to meet the babysitter/nanny in person or online, the final decision will always be yours.

After your decision, the chosen babysitter/nanny will start working on the requested date.

How far in advance do I have to make a request for a service?

Depending on the specifications of the request,  you should try to do it within 2 to 5 days. The earlier you do it, the greater the chance of guaranteeing the babysitter you prefer. However, may it be urgent, we try to do it in 24 hours.

Can I hire the babysitter directly?

Baby Sisters specializes in the recruitment and training of babysitters. We have a Liability Insurance for babysitters to guarantee any situation. Babysitters are contractually prohibited from providing services to our customers outside of Baby Sisters. If this happens, we can’t be held responsible for anything that happens. 


How does the quote work?

The quote is based on the hours actually used. That means –  the quoted value is always an estimation. The email sent in the first week of the following month is considered the effective one. It can happen to be the same value, lower or higher, depending exclusively on the hours used in that month.

Are the babysitter 's travel expenses included?

It depends on where the service will be. If it is within a radius of 20 km from city centers (Lisbon, Porto, Coimbra, etc..), school transport costs are included. Outside the regions, transport costs are charged separately. 

How long do you usually take to respond to quotes?

We usually respond to any quote request made by email within 1 hour.

How are payments proceeded?

Payments should be done at the beginning of each month, following the service. We send the quote with the babysitting hours together with the payment details. The client then confirms the quote and number of hours requested and pays Baby Sisters directly. Attention: no payment is made to the babysitter. Baby Sisters will then pay the babysitters’ service hours, directly to them. 


What happens if our family doesn't fit in with the chosen babysitter?

Knowing that sometimes that can happen, that there is no adaptation of the family to the babysitter, it is possible to ask for a substitution, and we will do it as soon as possible. 


What is the cancellation policy?

For any service, occasional or regular, a cancellation fee of 30% of the total service will be charged if cancellation happens less than 24 hours before the time the service is supposed to commence.

For any service lasting 30 or more days, the cancellation fee applied is 100%, if canceled with less than 10 days in advance.


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