Babysitting for companies

Offering babysitting services in companies is a way of providing quality of life for your employees. We believe that this will be the investment of the future, giving workers the best conditions to facilitate both their work and their daily lives.

Having these services available to your employees brings a series of advantages both in the short and long term:

Babysitting for companies

Why Baby Sisters?

  • The most qualified and trained babysitters for the best child care;  
  • Flexible services (for children of any age for as long as needed); 
  • Pedagogical playful care – we take care and always encourage the development of children to the fullest.

How can this partnership happen?

Have babysitting services available for your company's employees

Your company communicates the availability of our services through internal communication, and we are able to provide a discount to all workers in your company, or;

Your company purchases a package of babysitting hours (paying all or part of it), making it available to your employees.

Kids Club management within the company

If you have a physical space available in your company, Baby Sisters can manage it to receive any child, whether full-time or part-time – we do all the management. In this case, we prepare a didactic pedagogical plan, diversified for children of different ages and we manage the Club activities plan. Here it works by schedule, open for a period of time, in which parents can feel free to leave their children for as long as they need to.

Babysitting services for companies

Some of our partners and customers whom we are very grateful for their trust.

Are you considering having babysitting services at your company, for your employees?