Baby Sisters

Apaixonada por babysitting e crianças

We created Baby Sisters in 2016 and today it is a company that supports families with babysitting, nanny, holiday camps, and children's entertainment services.

We know that it is painful for families to think about having a babysitter at home with their children, and how hard it is to find someone you can trust. That's why we formulated our mission as a company - to have the best babysitters the most reliable baby sister for your family. But how do we do this?

We invest in the recruitment process. We invest in personality tests. We invest in behavior testing. We invest in the best training for our babysitters so that they can support you. We work only with experienced and reliable babysitters and caregivers. We are the guarantor of the security and standard that our services have.​

From a rigorous recruitment process to responsible selection and qualification, our Baby Sisters team is stable and rigorous.

And we are here to support you at every stage of your children's growth, available at a phone call distance.

Whatever question you have about children, our entire team is available to support you.

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Margarida Menezes
Baby Sisters' CEO

Baby Sister's work


We take every job with the seriousness that a child deserves.

Active Pedagogical Methods

We integrate educational methods: Montessori, Waldorf, and Pikler so that your child is with us in a positive and constructive way.

We encourage creativity

We take the material needed to encourage creativity in every child we babysit!

Playful-pedagogical activities in early childhood education!

In an increasingly technological world, we cannot let pedagogical activities lose their space! Practice is fundamental for children’s development and socialization. Children from 0-5 years old develop their first functions at this age, which will help them throughout their growth.

Learn more about the importance of this type of activities in the child’s growth, so that it grows healthy and happy!