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Maternity Babysitting

What if you had the loving help of a maternity fairy godmother? Our Maternity Babysitting service is the special touch of tranquility that all future mothers and new mothers deserve. Our babysitters are true baby whisperers, specialized in taking care of newborns and, therefore, mothers too.

Service details

What is a Maternity Babysitter?

The Maternity Babysitter supports the mother during prepartum or postpartum, between 8 and 10 hours a day, from Monday to Friday (with the possibility of weekends). Maternity babysitting services are considered to be services lasting more than 16 hours per month.

Maternity babysitting tasks may include:

Establish sleep routines so parents can rest

Support and assistance with baby's first care

Meal preparation, hygiene and breastfeeding monitoring

Clear doubts and reduce concerns related to postpartum

Suggest ways to relieve pain, through positions or massages

Organization of the children's room and clothes

Breastfeeding monitoring

Helping the Mother

Nursing and osteopathic services

Prices and Conditions

Day Services

Over 40h/ week

24.5/ hour

Between 16 and 40h/ week

27/ hour

Less than 16 hours/ week

29/ hour

Night services

Over 40 hours/ week

27/ hour

Between 16 and 40 hours/ week

30/ hour

Less than 16 hours/ week

32/ hour

*For >8h/day there is an extra charge of €8.75/h

VAT of 6% for individuals and 23% for companies is applied to prices.

Prices applicable in Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. For other areas of the country, prices may be different. Fill out the form to find out more.

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What can you expect from Baby Sisters?

The peace and quiet you need, because superhero parents need help!


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