Occasional Babysitting

Did a last-minute unforeseen event come up? Or do you have a dinner or a late meeting to go to, and suddenly you don’t have anyone to leave your children with? Or have you been feeling more tired lately and need a few hours to yourself?

Consider an occasional babysitting service – we respond to urgent requests in less than 24 hours.

Our team of babysitters, whether occasional or regular, always adapt to the needs of each child and family for personalized and careful service. We always give preference to a babysitter that you have already had contact with and that you liked – just tell us who and we will check if she is available for requested date. 

Occasional Babysitting Service Specifications:

What is occasional babysitting

What is occasional babysitting?

The occasional babysitting service is a one-off service and can be hired for any time of the day, any day of the week. There is always the option of adding an overnight stay to the service. Occasional babysitting service has no minimum hours. 

Occasional babysitting tasks may include: 

  • Meal preparation and hygiene;
  • Lay the children down and establish sleep routines;
  • Trips to parks or social events;
  • Playful-pedagogical activities;
  • Transportation to school;
  • Organization of the children’s room, playroom, or clothes;
  • Monitoring at mealtimes.

Prices and conditions

Occasional babysitting


VAT is applied to the prices at the legal rate in force. Prices are applicable in Lisbon, Porto, and Madeira.

For other parts of the country, prices may be different, for more information, contact us via email filling in the form below.

The prices for babysitting services in hotels vary according to the geographic area and type of service. Fill out the form to find out more.

Ocasional babysitting prices

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    What you can expect from Baby Sisters

    What can you expect from Baby Sisters?

    The peace and rest you need!

    We know that people who hire occasional babysitters really need help in times of more stress, for last-minute commitments, or to have some time for themselves. The trouble is that most of the time parents are not ready for it, because they have never done it before!

    With Baby Sisters, you can always rest assured – we always send you a selection of babysitters, that you can check on their backgrounds, and any unforeseen events are always guaranteed (in case the babysitter misses work). We always find solutions! Don’t worry, you won’t run out of alternatives!

    You can also rest assured regarding safety because all of our babysitters have 1st aid certifications.