Maternity babysitting

What if you had a personalized accompaniment for the preparation of your baby’s arrival? Or what about having help with the baby’s early life at home? 

Maternity babysitting is a form of adding peace of mind for all parents who are going through pregnancy or with their newborn babies. We have trained babysitters who specialized in newborn care, hygiene, sleep, feeding routines, and osteopathy.

Maternity babysitting service Specifications:

Maternity babysitting

What is a Maternity Babysitter?

The Maternity Babysitter works between 8 and 10 hours a day, from Monday to Friday (with the possibility of doing weekends).

Maternity babysitting service is considered for services > 16 hours per month.

Maternity babysitting tasks can include: 


  • Provide guidance and facilitate the preparation of childbirth;
  • Clear doubts and reduce anxieties related to childbirth;
  • Suggest ways to relieve pain, through positions or massages.

Post childbirth: 

  • Support and assistance with baby’s first care;
  • Meal preparation, hygiene, and monitoring of breastfeeding;
  • Establish sleep routines so parents can rest;
  • Organization of the children’s room or clothes;
  • Monitoring breastfeeding;
  • Monitoring of the mother;

Prices and conditions

Regular Babysitting Plans / Hours Scheme

Full Time/ Weekly Babysitting Plans

The service during the night (night) adds 40% to the value shown above.
VAT is applied to the prices at the legal rate in force. Prices applicable in Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. For other parts of the country, prices may be different, for more information contact us via email [](
Maternity babysitting prices

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    How can Baby Sisters help - Maternity babysitting

    What can I expect from Baby Sisters?

    The peace and rest you need!

    Maternity babysitting can be transformative in a mother’s life – babysitters can offer comfort and encouragement, both emotional and physical, and in some cases, informational much needed support.

    At such a sensitive stage in the lives of parents, we work to guarantee quality service – the perfect match between you and the babysitter, the person who will accompany a very important part of your life.