Children’s Animation

Is it your son’s birthday? Are you getting married or are you going to a wedding? Or are you planning to organize a children’s party for some reason? This is something that can take time and effort, and once again we are here to help – you can count on Baby Sisters for any children’s entertainment service.

Enjoy the event and let Baby Sisters take care of the rest – from the decoration to the planning, to organizing activities. These services can include pets, inflatables, workshops, theaters… We want to facilitate the whole organization and adapt all the preparation to the specific occasion and leave your children happy and entertained.

Animation service specifications:

Children's Animation Service

What is an Animation service?

Children’s entertainment services can occur at home, in hotels, at events, and at weddings. These events need to be a minimum of 3 hours.

We guarantee any service requested 1 month in advance.

Animation services may include: 

  • Traditional games;
  • Facial painting;
  • Balloon modeling;
  • Animation with mascots;
  • Workshops (clay, ceramics, music, etc…);
  • Shows;
  • Inflatables;
  • Decoration of spaces

Prices and conditions

Animation services*

VAT is applied to the prices at the legal rate in force, applicable in Lisbon, Porto and Madeira. For other parts of the country, prices may be different: the trip adds 0.36 km/€. For more information contact us via email These values assume the number of babysitters/animators suitable for the children's ages: Children aged 0 - 3 years: 1 babysitter for every 2 children Children aged 3 - 4 years: 1 babysitter for every 3 children Children >4 years: 1 animator for every 5 children Children's animation with mascots
Children's Animation with mascots

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    What can you expect from Baby Sisters

    What can you expect from Baby Sisters?

    A party that is fun for the children, and relaxing for the parents. 

    Anyone who hires a children’s animation service can be fully relaxed. We will take care of the party’s organization and planning and ensure maximum fun! 

    We guarantee child caregivers with experience and passion for what they do. In addition, you can rest assured, as all of them have a 1st aid certificate and liability insurance.