Babysitting at hotels

Why Baby Sisters?

Babysitting services at hotels,  Kids’ Club management, or Children’s Animation services. If you manage a hotel, individual properties, or local accommodation, have you considered having a premium babysitting service available to your guests? 

These type of commodities brings greater value to your customers and increases their levels of satisfaction. Here’s why you should consider Baby Sisters:

  • The most qualified babysitters to match the quality of your service;
  • Flexible services (for children of any age for as long as needed);
  • Ability to respond in less than 24 hours; 
  • Babysitters fluent in several languages capable of dealing with guests from anywhere in the world;
  • Babysitters certified in pediatric first aid; 
  • Pedagogical playful care – we take care and always encourage the development of children to the fullest.
  • Liability insurance for children and clients, which covers any situation that may arise.

How can I have babysitting at my hotel?

Providing babysitting services at hotels

Babysitting service is available for guests so parents can relax during their vacations, during dinner time, or during the day to help out.

Baby Sisters can guarantee the best babysitting services for your guests, which can make all the difference in their comfort and expectations. Since most of our clients may be foreigners, we provide fluent babysitters in several languages for all families. Here the service is dedicated exclusively to the family that requested the service, whether to accompany the family, in a room, in some activity, or in a space provided by the hotel.

Kids Club Management

Another form of child care that you can have at your guests’ disposal is at a Kids Club, in which the hotel has a physical space to welcome children, where we take care of all the management.  In this case, we prepare a diversified teaching and entertainment plan for children of different ages. 

Hotel babysitting partners and clients

Some of our Partners and Customers whom we are very grateful for their trust.


Do you need babysitting services at your hotel?