Our Baby Sisters' team

The team that guarantees the best babysitting service

Choosing the right babysitter is a very important decision for a family and that is why we invest a great deal of time choosing the best people to join our team. 

Margarida Menezes

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With a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from Universidade Nova de Lisboa – Faculty of Science and Technology and a Masters in Management from Nova School of Business and Economics, Margarida founded Baby Sisters and actively works to improve the company every day.

Rita Cruz

Operations Manager
Maria Baby Sisters

With an extensive experience in human resources positions in different companies, Rita Cruz handles the entire management of babysitters and parental requests. Specialized in recruitment, selection, hiring, and recruitment processes optimization, Rita guarantees the perfect match between babysitters and many families on a daily basis.

Mariana Martins

Financial Manager
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Mariana holds a degree in Management from Nova School of Business and Economics and is responsible for handling all the financial aspects of the company. She ensures both parents and babysitters are satisfied.

Sofia Dias

Operations Manager Assistant
Sofia Dias Baby Sisters

With a degree in Human Resource Management and experience as a babysitter, Sofia knows exactly what it takes in a family-babysitter relationship. On the team, Sofia is responsible for the daily operations, especially during the weekends - to cover needs 24/7.

Andreia Miragaia

Digital Marketing
Andreia Miragaia Baby Sisters

With a professional background in the field of Management and Marketing, Andreia discovered at Baby Sisters a company fit made sense working for. She is currently responsible for all marketing, digital marketing, and brand communication work developed at Baby Sisters.​

A team of 550 babysitters

Our team of babysitters already has more than 450 caregivers throughout the country – Lisbon (and surroundings), Porto, Algarve, Alentejo (Comporta, Tróia, Alcácer, Grândola, Évora…), Coimbra, and Madeira – to guarantee services in a timely manner and whenever you need them.

Our services are distinguished by the fact that they are not limited to “taking care of children”. They go further and include a strong pedagogical and didactic component. Babysitters carry out a set of diversified activities from games to music. More than a service, “they look at the experience they can provide to children”. 

Playful-pedagogical activities

The importance of playful-pedagogical activities in early childhood education!

In an increasingly technological world, pedagogical activities are fundamental! It is from 0 to 5 years old that children develop the first set of capabilities and skills that will help them throughout their growth. The implementation of this type of activity is essential for children to start having their first experiences with emotions and feelings, and develop self-esteem and experiences with other people. Pedagogical playful activities also go further in stimulating children’s cognitive and motor skills, such as attention, imitation, memory, creativity, language, and mathematics.

For all these reasons, it is very important that our babysitters are trained to promote this type of activity during babysitting times.

As an educator, whether parent or babysitter, inserting pedagogical activities into children’s daily lives is not as easy as it seems, as it takes a lot of dedication, delivery, time, organization, and confidence and security to put activities into practice and deal with with the child’s acceptance.

At Baby Sisters Portugal we attach extreme importance to this aspect of a babysitter’s job – we make sure they do it during babysitting and that the babysitter takes all the tools to the workplace that she will need to do so.

The educator, whether parent or babysitter, will always be a milestone in a child’s life, and the quality of teaching that is provided will certainly have an impact on the child’s growth so that it grows healthy and happy!