Aupair / International Nanny

Are you going to completely change your life by moving to another country? An aupair babysitter could help you out with this transition. Moving into another country is hard enough and kids in these situations may require special attention and the adjustment period may be long. 

An Aupair/ International Nanny can help with the family’s adaptation abroad, especially by taking care of the kids’ general well-being.  In this type of service, the babysitter accompanies the family throughout and monitors the child from very close.

What is an Aupair or International Nanny?​

What is an Aupair/ International Nanny?

An Aupair service is considered for services abroad, up to 45 h/week. It assumes that the family provides accommodation and food to the babysitter.

Babysitter’s tasks include: 

  • Preparing children’s meals;
  • Help with morning and night routines;
  • Outings or social events;
  • Playful-pedagogical activities;
  • School bus;
  • Organization of the children’s room, playroom, or clothes;
  • Monitoring the child’s development and attention to their adaptation to this new phase of life;
  • School follow-up at home.

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    What you can expect from Baby Sisters

    What can you expect from Baby Sisters?

    The peace, support, and rest you need!

    Anyone who hires an Aupair/International Nanny expects close monitoring of their children in every aspect – emotional, adapting to new routines and school, and other tasks to relieve the parents’ daily lives. In these cases, the match between the babysitter and the family becomes even more important, so it is a process that we follow and work together very carefully.

    We guarantee the follow-up of this relationship throughout the period you are abroad. You can rest assured that we are always available for any situation.